In recent years, Google has been developing Pixel models with superior cameras and its own hardware parts. with Samsung jointly prepared Tensor chip, on the other hand, made Pixel devices stand out. A new claim says that Google wants to develop new Tensor chipsets on its own.

Google and Samsung deal ending: What will the new Tensor be like?

Google works with Samsung in the design and manufacture of its chips. But recent reports have shown that Google is building its own chipset and aims to gain more control over the chipset. So this partnership Tensor G3 may end with

Tensor G3, which will be produced using Samsung's 4nm architecture, is expected to include a nine-core design in the form of "1+4+4". This configuration; It will be offered with 3.30 GHz Cortex-X3 cores, four Cortex-A715 cores running at 2.60 GHz, and four Cortex-A510 cores ranging from 2.20 GHz to 2.30 GHz.

However Tensor G4 agreement will be broken. Google will design the chips entirely in-house. For this, it will use TSMC's 4nm architecture. Google's move could be part of further integrating the Tensor chip with Android.

Tensor G5 will be developed with TSMC's 3nm process. iPhone 15 Pro This architecture, which is expected to be included in the family, promises superior improvements in battery life and performance. Google wants to try the latest technology in the Pixel 9 family. Let us remind you that the Pixel 7 series is the most up-to-date model.

On the other hand, the countdown has begun for Google Pixel 7a. The device will appear at the Google I/O 2023 event, which will be held on May 11. Let us state that Seda Alkan will attend the event on behalf of ShiftDelete.Net.