iPhone 14 Pro And Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra put to the performance test. Collaborating with Qualcomm, Samsung used the most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the S23 series. Apple developed the A16 Bionic chip for the iPhone 14 family. So who won between the iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra?

iPhone 14 Pro overtakes Galaxy S23 Ultra by a wide margin

According to a recent analysis by CompareDial, the iPhone 14 Pro outperformed the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in terms of performance. The report compared the single-core and multi-core Geekbench rankings of devices.

Samsung is fully Qualcomm in the new S23 series Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Despite switching to chipset, Apple's A16 Bionic failed to pass the chip. The latest performance test showed that the iPhone 14 Pro is stronger than the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

In the single-core performance test, the iPhone 14 Pro scored 1874 points, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra got 1480 points. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro outperforms the Galaxy S23 Ultra by 21 percent. In multi-core tests, the difference decreased to 14.86 percent; The iPhone 14 Pro maintained its lead with 5384 points, while the Galaxy S23 Ultra scored 4584.

interestingly A15 Bionic and the old iPhone 14 with a 5-core GPU outperformed the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in single-core performance as well. This shows that Samsung has struggled to keep up with Apple's silicon technology, but Apple has widened the gap even further.

Samsung introduced high-end camera features on the S23 Ultra, such as a 200 Megapixel main camera, more powerful zoom and astrophoto tools. However, the iPhone 14 Pro still seems to be ahead in terms of performance. It is worth noting that the benchmark does not always represent actual usage, it may vary according to individual preferences and needs.