Chinese technology company Oppoannounced its new model for the foldable phone market. Recently, the company Find N2 Flip announced its support plans for foldable devices during its global event. In his description, he gave the model four years of big Android. stated that they will provide updates. In addition, he added that they will offer five years of security updates.

Oppo Find N2 Flip is the same as Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 4

Oppo plans to compete with Samsung in many ways in the foldable phone segment. Finally Find N2 Flip Announcing its model, the company made some statements at the global event that took place the other day. Among these statements, the most striking was the support plans it will provide for the devices.

Oppo Find N2 Flip has left Samsung behind with software support!

Within support plans, the company four years of major Android updates he said he will present. Moreover five years of security updates He also stated that they will present This is Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 coincides with the same level of support.

Oppo has more for the new smartphone long life software announced that it will support In addition, when we look at this situation, we see that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer is serious about competing with Samsung in the field of smartphones.

Find N2 Flip out of the box ColorOS 13 going out with. This is at least Android 17 means to receive. In addition, the model will receive one more year of security patches before software support expires. The Oppo Find N2 Flip has a clamshell design similar to the Galaxy Flip or Moto Razr model.

Oppo's Head of Overseas Sales and Service Billy Zhang, made statements in an interview. In his statement, he drew attention to the achievements of the company. He also stated that the Find N2 Fold is a model that can compete.

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