The cheapest electric cars sold in Turkey!


As in the whole world, electric car transformation has started in Turkey as well. Moreover, not only passenger cars, but also light and heavy commercial vehicles such as minibuses, buses, pickup trucks, trucks and lorries are involved in this process. In this article, we share with you budget-friendly mounts. Here are the cheapest electric cars sold in Turkey…

Cheapest electric cars!

The Opel Corsa-e is at the top of our list of the cheapest electric cars sold in Turkey. Offering a range of 350 km with its 50 kWh battery, the vehicle can fill up to 80 percent with a 30-minute charge. The sale price is 849 thousand 900 TL.

Renault Zoe is second on the list. This vehicle, which has been on the market for many years, has improved its technical features several times over time. Both range and performance have increased. It is currently sold for 899 thousand 900 TL with an 80 kW electric motor and a range of up to 395 km.

We didn't include Ami on our list. Because it is not listed as a car in the license. However, there are 2 different models from this brand. The first of these is the Citroen e-C4. This vehicle, which has a 100 kW engine, offers a range of up to 350 km with its 50 kWh battery. The selling price is 909 thousand TL.

Citroen's second model is the e-C4 X. Similar to the other model, this vehicle also has a 100 kW electric motor. It offers a range of up to 350 km with its 50 kWh battery. Although it is more expensive than the e-C4 when it first came out, the selling price of this car is 909 thousand TL for now.

Opel Mokka-e is in the fifth place of our list. Having a 100 kW electric motor, Mokka-e offers a range of up to 327 km with its 50 kWh battery. As with the Corsa-e and other vehicles on the list, it can fill up to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

In the last place is the Mini Cooper SE. This model, which is the brand's first all-electric vehicle, offers a much higher performance than the other cars on the list with its 135 kW electric motor. However, it has a range of 230+ km in return. Of course, this will be enough for many people in the city. The list price of the vehicle is 919 thousand 230 TL as of today.

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