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Tesla’s affordable car began to emerge!
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Tesla has been working on a new and cheaper model for a long time. Many…


The best car manufacturers have been announced! Where is Tesla ranked?
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There are dozens or even hundreds of automobile manufacturers around the world. This leads to…


Turkey’s second best-selling car was made up!
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Renault Clio, which was Turkey’s second best-selling car (41,607 units) after Fiat Egea last year,…


Xiaomi’s car was caught on camera!
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Most technology companies have long been associated with the automotive industry. One of these companies…


Signed for electric car: Now it will be a partner!
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US President Joe Biden electric vehicle charging network officially announced a set of standards for…


The first car brands to use the new generation Apple CarPlay have been announced!
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Last year, Apple introduced its new CarPlay system, which includes a host of new features…